by Alex Kleiman, Director of Specialty Coatings, BHI Energy

Thermal spray consists of a group of processes where a feedstock material in powder or wire form is heated to a molten or semi-molten state, atomized and propelled toward a prepared substrate to form a coating. Nial 95/5

Thermal spray improves reliability, corrosion protection - BIC Magazine

Many types of thermal spray processes exist, including plasma spray, detonation gun, wire arc spray, flame spray, high-velocity oxygen fuel and high-velocity air fuel.

In industrial environments, technological advancements have made thermal spray more robust and affordable than ever before. Arc wire spray (Figure 1) offers the highest deposition rates at the lowest equipment costs, combined with excellent corrosion protection properties, sacrificial anode effect for cathodic protection and great adhesion values.

The arc wire spray method is used to apply zinc and aluminum coatings for corrosion control as well as engineered coatings (hard-facing/machine element coatings) for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, lubricity, rebuilding original dimensions and wear resistance. Engineered coating offerings include aluminum bronze, Babbitt, carbides, high-nickel alloys, stainless steel and many more.

Arc wire thermal spray has the following advantages:

Boiler tubes being sprayed with chromiumcarbide

Thermal spray can be used in many industrial applications such as CUI; cyclical services (ambient to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and above); piping; pipe valves; tanks; vessels; flare stacks; silencers; chemical reactors; heat exchangers; sheet pilling; fenders; and antislip, anti-skid, and wear- and corrosion-resistant applications.

Thermal spray coatings also have clear advantages over traditional painting:

BHI Energy offers thermal spray applications as a complement to our industry-leading weld overlay services. In cases where structural integrity of the equipment is not compromised (no metal buildup required), we recommend our clients consider a thermal spray approach for their equipment protection needs.

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by Alex Kleiman, Director of Specialty Coatings, BHI Energy

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Thermal spray improves reliability, corrosion protection - BIC Magazine

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